This is a personal list of areas which I think AI has great potential to revolutionise. (for the better or worse)


Obvious and grand advancements can be made here. A few could be:

  • New treatment discoveries
  • Personalised medicines
  • Better diagnosis (more effective, cheaper, quicker)
  • Interfacing with brain


A combination of an app like Tinder with the AI powers of something like TikTok. Can be used to match any two people in the world to match ‘soulmates’.

Uses all information which makes people unique. Eg: Gender, age, geographical location, education, phone type, phone usage, hobbies, text sentiment analysis, physical preferences, etc.

Using a database of everyone, people can easily and quickly be stereotyped into groups which can be used to help pair people up.


AI will far exceed our programming abilities.

AI will program everything, including AI, better than we can.

Very important for people to still understand how AI functions. Using technology that we do not understand is dangerous, especially one so powerful. So people who understand AI properly will be in high demand.

Video creation

Netflix filled with personalised movies and TV shows. Never again will you find a plot to have a disappointing end, or a dull character, or a frustrating storyline. Real life will seem even more boring than it does nowadays.


In a similar way to video creation, teaching materials can be generated from brief lesson plans. For instance, a teachers notes document could be transformed into a powerpoint with custom pictures, diagrams, and animations.

Beyond this, I think AI will be able to provide custom teaching packages to students. Students can choose what they want to learn and how they want to learn, and a customised experience can be given to them which best suits their learning style. Texts can be personalised for each student. If for instance a student is struggling to understand a topic, the AI can explain it in more detail and quiz the student in order to ensure that they have fully understood it. This will make learning much less stressful and much more efficient. Sites like Duolingo already have basic forms of this implemented.


Left and right can’t agree? What is the right decision to make for the sake of all humanity? Consult the all-knowing AI. It cannot be argued with and will present solutions with all consequences considered and explained.

Fact checking

What is right and what is wrong? What has a bias and what is propaganda? Fact checking AI can be used everywhere, on all media platforms.